:Do you have NFS compiled in to the kernel? I've had trouble using
:INVARIANTS in the kernel and NFS as a module many times - it always
:panics in the zone allocation stuff.
:(Either you always need to compile modules with the same INVARIENTS
:options as the kernel, or we need to fix INVARIENTS so it doesn't
:change the expected behaviour of anything in the kernel)
:       David.

    zalloc/zfree have inlined components.  Mixing INVARIENTS is virtually
    guarenteed to crash the NDFREE code because the expected magic numbers
    will not be there.  I sure hope this turns out to be Mark's problem. 

    I have a feeling that the issue may go deeper.  There is conditional
    code in the zalloc/zfree inlines for SMP vs non-SMP.  This will break
    modules in an SMP system worse then the INVARIENTS will.  I mean
    *seriously* break... massive corruption and the like can occur.

    I think the only real solution is to rip out the externally visible
    zalloc/zfree inlines and replace them with real routines.  I will happily
    do this, those inlines have always been an eyesore to me and the
    performance benefit is minimal at best.  That will solve the SMP and
    INVARIENTS mixing problem (at least for zalloc/zfree).


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