> On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 02:00:54PM +0200, Mark Murray wrote:
> > I'm getting a reliable panic on CURRENT (2000/12/26) with INVARIANTS
> > set. I suppose I could "fix" this by taking out INVARIANTS, but it
> > seems to make more sense to try to get it fixed.
> Do you have NFS compiled in to the kernel? I've had trouble using
> INVARIANTS in the kernel and NFS as a module many times - it always
> panics in the zone allocation stuff.

No I don't. Hmmm...

> (Either you always need to compile modules with the same INVARIENTS
> options as the kernel, or we need to fix INVARIENTS so it doesn't
> change the expected behaviour of anything in the kernel)


Mark Murray
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