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> > I'm not sure if this is the correct list or not - apologies if
> > it's wrong.

> > I just updated a machine with cvsup for the first time - and may
> > have done something wrong.  

> > When I rebuilt everything and boot a uname gives me 5.0-CURRENT.
> > [I picked the wrong one as I guess I wanted release - but that's
> > not the problem].

> Umm.. that is the problem. There is a lot more hassle normally
> involved in going from a RELEASE kernel to a CURRENT one than
> usually a make world can fix. Do you really want to be doing this
> if you are just after an updated kernel? If not - I suggest going
> back to STABLE.

Well I don't hvae a problem with going to this release.  The
machine was originally booted with a 4.1 - the one with the
keyboard problem, and I upgraded it to a 4.2 - but since it was an
upgrade it didn't let me put new sources on.

>From what I read you could complete move up, buy removing
everything, and preforming the bmildworld, buildkernel,
installkernel, and installworld.

This should have removed every trace of any 4.[12] on the system,
should it not.

The machine is to replace this one - whose motherboard is getting
tired and cranky.  

It's just that one undefinded symbol and exit.  If I KNEW where
that was coming from it might help.  So this machine is a 4.0 - the
machine where I posted from was a 4.1 > 4.2 > 5.0

I figured I'd better learn this cvs method - and this seemed like a
good time.


Bill Vermillion -   bv @ wjv . com

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