It seems Peter Wemm wrote:
> > There is a HW problem with the HPT366 and "sufficiently" fast disks,
> > I've been working with highpoint on that, and so far there is no
> > known solution, other than slowing down the interface speed, ie
> > setting it back to ata33 would make it work with my DTLA drives...
> Hmm.  I was doing that for around 8 months but still got occasional lockups
> when 6 disks were active over three controllers.  I suspected that the
> devices were not adequately robust when dealing with multiple FIFO
> overflows when the PCI bus saturated, as the combined raw disk bandwidth
> plus ethernet exceeded the PCI bus maximum speed, let alone burst speeds
> from disk cache hits.  Anyway, using the promise cards "solved" the problem
> but at the cost of significant slowdown.
> eg: the HPT366 was two pci devices with two busmaster engines.  I could run
> two drives at 19 or 20 MByte/sec in parallel with one drive on each channel.
> The per-drive speed was the same for single or dual disks.
> With the promise cards though, a single disk maxed at ~18MByte/sec and two
> disks slowed down to ~14-15MByte/sec each.  It seemed as though the promise
> was overcommitted to running two channels in parallel.  The PIIX4 has the same
> problem but is far far worse (ie: slows down to 10MByte/sec each).
> Out of curiosity, do you know of similar problems for the HPT370?

No, and the Promises that I have (33, 66 & 100's) doesn't suffer from
the problem you descipe at all, I only see slowdowns when I reach a
combined throughbout of ~110MB/sec thus saturating the PCI bus...


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