In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Matt Dillon writes:
>:I'm seeing this kind of hang about twice a day on my build-box.
>:Any clues ? insights ?
>    When did this start occuring? 

Can't say for sure, it's certainly noticeable today, but I have not
had much FreeBSD time recently so I would be hard pressed to say
more definitively when it started.

>    But -current has generally been very unstable for me
>    for months now and that makes it extremely difficult to isolate problems.

Yeah, I'm increasingly in favour of a "bake-out" period where no new
subsystems are SMPng'ed until -current is stabilized.  Sos tells me that
running SMP is an instant death request these days.  My SMP systems are
not even powered on right now.

>    What's the filesystem configuration being hit by the compile?  Are you
>    running any MFS or VN paritions?  Is softupdates turned on on the
>    underlying filesystem?

Two ATA disks one CCD striped, softupdates.

>    On the face of it it looks like a bawrite() is being turned into a
>    bdwrite() somehow and that spec_fsync() is hitting its 'goto loop'
>    restart code and looping on the same buffer... which can happen if 
>    the bawrite() is being turned into a bdwrite().  It looks like
>    spec_fsync() is in an infinite loop.

There is no other signs of trouble, processes hang when they attempt
some (but maybe not all) kind of I/O.

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