On 01-Jan-01 Matt Dillon wrote:
>:Why not this:
>:s = splbio();
>:TAILQ_FOREACH(bp, &vp->v_dirtyblkhd, b_vnbufs) {
>     First rule when making simple bug fixes by copying working code from one
>     source file to another is:  Dont try to optimize the code on the
>     fly.

That works.

>     Personally speaking, I don't find the FOREACH macros any more readable
>     vs an explicit for loop.  They hide too much... like for example the
>     fact that you are dependant on the current pointer remaining valid to
>     get the next pointer in the loop.

Erm, I find one succint line easier to read than something sprawled across 2-3
lines of code.  Also, I was never under the assumption that you could do a
*_FOREACH() loop while the list changed out from under you.  I doubt anyone
else is either. :)

>                                       -Matt


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