Maybe this is related, maybe not... I upgraded to the latest CURRENT
available this morning and now I also see occasional (albeit short) hangs
sometimes, although the machine seems to be responsive otherwise. 

But, not only that, I also got a cool panic while trying to do some stuff
(like compiling the docs) and pressing Ctrl-Z in another tty. No X, no
nothing. I was dropped into the debugger, but since I am not a ddb artist,
I tried to avoid to type the whole trace by hand and in the process managed
to reboot the box... oh well. Next time I will know.

But, the panic message was this:

panic: blockable mtx_enter() of lockmgr interlock when not legal @

Maybe this rings a bell with someone. The error was appearently caught by
WITNESS, which I also have enabled in my kernel (albeit without
MUTEX_DEBUG, because *that* really made it impossible to do anything
sensible on the machine...)

Hardware-wise, nothing fancy here... UP PII-233, 128M non-ECC RAM, all-IDE,
two disks, one CD-ROM. Next time, I promise to write down all the
details... but just wanted to chime in quickly since this might be related
to the hangs other people are seeing, but maybe they don't panic() because
they don't have WITNESS enabled (just speculating)


Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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