:I'm getting these on NFS for loopback.

    Can you verify that it's the same as Poul's by breaking into DDB
    and doing a trace ?

    I have very little time, but what I think may be going on is that
    current may be exposing a bug in the specfs fsync code related to
    flushing dirty buffers which already have a background bitmap write
    in progress.

    I think what is going on is that interrupt threads are not able to
    run in -current, whereas interrupts do run in -stable, and an interrupt
    completing the write on a buffer is what breaks us out of the 
    infinite loop.  I noticed in Poul's 'ps' output that a number of
    interrupt threads were runnable, but not getting any cpu to run.

    The way to test this hypothesis is to give up the cpu for a tick in the
    specfs fsync loop, allowing interrupt threads to run.  Maybe do a
    tsleep for hz/10 every 500 iterations or something like that.
    If this fixes the problem, then we have confirmation. 

    Alternatively someone can work up a simple MARK/SCAN for specfs's fsync,
    ala what we do in FFS's fsync, and try that.  I think MARK/SCAN may
    be the ultimate solution but we should home in on the problem before
    tring it out.


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