> :
> :
> :I'll try- lots on plate to do.
> :
> :There's a lot of iffy stuff with ithreads on alpha.  But this theory of yours
> :doesn't match the situation where I can then still log in and ping, but that
> :the NFS loopback mount is still hosed. 
> :
> :I went back to building across NFS and that worked mucho better. 
>     I'm kinda shooting in the dark here, at least where -current is
>     concerned.   It's very fragile.  The source of this particular problem
>     could be anything.
>     Maybe if we froze new development in -current and concentrated on 
>     stabilizing it for a month we could bring it back up to snuff.

Nope, I doubt it. It's about what I would expect it to be. Karnak predicts
that things will be miserable for about two more months and then get a lot
better. Freezing development (as if you could *really* folks to do that) will
make that three months or maybe four. The time to have done a rational plan to
stage all of this was last May, not now. I'm actually amazed that things work
as well as they do.

What we really need is a few more subsystems cleaned up lockwise (I have my
eye on Justin's latest CAM patches and how that will play with locking) and
somebody (that might be me when && if I get time for it- my current clients
don't give a doodly about FreeBSD so it's hard to break loose time in a work
context) to clean up the alpha ithreads stuff (I like what Doug has just
passed out- I need to thank him and try it (Yes, Doug, if you're reading this,
the proc holding Giant should inherit the hardware int priority)) and people
to just beat on things and have things get shaken out. Given our very loose
confederation, and given the downright absolute dislike some of us have for
each other, this is probably the best of all possible software development


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