I had some buildworld failures earlier this week. In
src/share/man/man8 the Makefile includes code to get the sysinstall.8
manpage. Since the manpage lives in src/release, this requires that
you CVSup src-release. I had not been. This broke buildworld which had
worked in the past. sysinstall.8 is the only file in src-release that
is required for a buildworld. It seems somewhat silly to me that you
are required to grab the whole thing for that one file.

I made the change to the Makefile which makes sysinstall.8 and
src-release optional. I included it in a reply to the PR that
precipitated the change,


Steven G. Kargl ealier, independently submitted the almost exact same


In a separate PR.

Anyone have a good reason why everyone _must_ have src-release to
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