On 11-Jan-01 Bruce A. Mah wrote:
> If memory serves me right, "Crist J. Clark" wrote:
>> I had some buildworld failures earlier this week. In
>> src/share/man/man8 the Makefile includes code to get the sysinstall.8
>> manpage. Since the manpage lives in src/release, this requires that
>> you CVSup src-release. I had not been. This broke buildworld which had
>> worked in the past. sysinstall.8 is the only file in src-release that
>> is required for a buildworld. It seems somewhat silly to me that you
>> are required to grab the whole thing for that one file.
> OK...I was one of the people who (indirectly) pushed for this.  In a
> nutshell, I (and, independently, several other people) noticed that the
> sysinstall(8) manpage never gets installed as a part of the binary
> distributions or by an installworld.  (I got highly confused by this
> while rewriting some other parts of the documentation.)  The solution
> was to make sure that an installworld installs this manpage.
>> I made the change to the Makefile which makes sysinstall.8 and
>> src-release optional. I included it in a reply to the PR that
>> precipitated the change,
>>   http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=19818
> My personal opinion is that sysinstall.8 is a part of the base system
> and shouldn't be optional. If we take your suggestion, it means that
> installworld will sometimes install this manpage and sometimes it won't.
> A good counter-argument is that installworld doesn't touch 
> /stand/sysinstall, and therefore shouldn't touch the manpage either.
> Idea:  Maybe we need the release building process to do this instead?
> On all of my systems, the sysinstall binary came from a CD, and never
> got touched by any subsequent installworlds.
>> Anyone have a good reason why everyone _must_ have src-release to
>> buildworld? 
> I never thought of trying to do a buildworld with anything less than 
> src-all.  I guess my counter question is:  Anyone have a good reason to 
> do buildworlds *without* /usr/src/release/?

The real fix is that sysinstall does not belong in /usr/src/release, it needs
to move back into /sbin or /usr/sbin and be a part of the regular world build.
Jordan, is there any reason why we keep sysinstall out of sync with world?  We
can still leave /stand on teh system, but having a 3.x sysinstall in /stand on
a -current system is less than useless.  Whereas having an up-to-date
sysinstall in /sbin or /usr/sbin as well as an up-to-date sysinstall.8 manpage
that doesn't require weird hacks to be installed would be useful.  The new
sysinstall isn't coming anytime soon and we both know that, so that is not a
valid argument for not moving it.  It used to live in /sbin, so my only
question is which directory should it move to: /sbin or /usr/sbin?  I will do
all the legwork on this..

> Bruce.


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