> yeah, but it can be used as many things.  If invoked as "rm" sysinstall
> behaves just like the real rm, it happens to be one big binary.

This, however, is merely "post-installation behavior" - if you rebuild
and reinstall sysinstall in order to catch up with a bug fix to it,
however, then this behavior goes away.

- Jordan

> > Well, /stand/rm is not _really_ rm at all, but I get the point. I
> > guess the only question is whether to put it in /sbin or /usr/sbin. I
> > think /sbin makes sense (so it is bootable), but it is 1.6MB of
> > /-bloat... But from another thread about making 250MB the default /
> > size, I guess few care too much about that anymore.
> I'd prefer it in /usr/sbin, some of my root partitions are only 32MB,
> and that's not big enough at the moment.  If your /usr is hosed to
> the extent you can't mount it you've probably got more problems than
> sysinstall will help you with.  But that's just my opinion.
> -- 
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