The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> just tried to reboot with a latest build (from this afternoon), and upon
> reboot, it gives:
> pid 6 (sh), uid 0: exited with signal 8
> when /etc/rc tries to run, and, of course, won't let me get to single user
> mode for same reason ...
> checked /usr/src/UPDATING, and nothing in there seems to apply ...

We were discussing this and a couple of other related strange things
that turned up.  I might have broken the npx code with my last config(8)
change and the corresponding #ifdefs.  I have not gone back over it all
again but will shortly.  Given that two people have this sort of problem
now, things are pointing to the npx commits somehow.  You did rebuild config,

Can you please check the opt_npx.h file in your build directory and make sure
it has "#define DEV_NPX 1" in it?

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