In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> John Baldwin writes:
: 2) It hides the output from config(8).  config(8) prints out all sorts of
: useful warnings when options are deprecated, etc., but buildkernel hides these
: from the user.  The problem is that config(8) is by design an interactive tool,
: which buildkernel fails to take into account.  The hack now is to have
: config(8) treat warnings as errors instead. :-/

config is not an interactive tool, any more than the compiler is an
interactive tool.

buildkernel hiding it from the user is a bug in buildkernel.  It
should be fixed.  You shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath

buildkernel is a much simplified way of telling people how to build
kernels.  As someone in the front lines of that game, I can tell you
that the support load from that has dropped off quite a bit since we
started telling people to use it.

If you want to advocate all the steps that make it safe by hand, feel
free, but the average user had no need to know them, nor do them by


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