On 22-Jan-01 Donald J . Maddox wrote:
> Ok, fair enough.  I have to confess that my usual procedure remains,
> as it has been for a long time, like this:
> 1) rm -r /usr/include; cd /usr/src; make includes

I just do 'make includes' w/o the rm of /usr/include when I do this..
I normally do this, FWIW:

1) make buildworld
2) make installworld
3) config FOO
4) compile kernel FOO
5) install kernel FOO
6) update /etc
7) reboot

1-5 are all in 2 scripts, and part of 6) is in a script.

> Here lately, I have been trying to break this cycle and use the
> 1) make buildworld
> 2) make buildkernel
> 3) make installkernel
> 4) make installworld
> 5) reboot

This should work, except that buildkernel has a few problems:

1) It (ab)uses the KERNEL make variable so that it now has 2 conflicting
meanings.  Simply using KERNCONF for the buildkernel case instead can fix this,

2) It hides the output from config(8).  config(8) prints out all sorts of
useful warnings when options are deprecated, etc., but buildkernel hides these
from the user.  The problem is that config(8) is by design an interactive tool,
which buildkernel fails to take into account.  The hack now is to have
config(8) treat warnings as errors instead. :-/


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