Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> types:
> > After installing a fresh cvsup last Sunday, I find that my usb printer
> > quit working. Some investigation shows that this is because the uhci
> > and fxp are now on the same IRQ.
> Why would this cause your printer to stop working?  Have you determined 
> that this is actually the case, or did you only just notice that they're 
> on the same IRQ?

I don't know why it would cause the printer to stop working. I didn't
just notice that the IRQs were the same - I checked for it
specifically.  What I noticed was that the printer wasn't working, and
lpq showed it as possibly offline. When I first installed the USB
printer, I had the exact same problem - until I changed changed the
hardware config so that the fxp and uhci weren't using the same
IRQ. That's why I checked for this case.

> > Anyone got a clue as to why the IRQ would change? Is there anything in
> > FreeBSD that could change it?
> Has it actually changed?

I'm still trying to figure that one out. I haven't been able to get a
config with the fxp and uhci on different IRQs. I've got a doctor's
appointment, after which I'm going to pull the fxp and see how that

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