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> > > After installing a fresh cvsup last Sunday, I find that my usb printer
> > > quit working. Some investigation shows that this is because the uhci
> > > and fxp are now on the same IRQ.
> > Why would this cause your printer to stop working?  Have you determined 
> > that this is actually the case, or did you only just notice that they're 
> > on the same IRQ?
> I don't know why it would cause the printer to stop working. I didn't
> just notice that the IRQs were the same - I checked for it
> specifically.  What I noticed was that the printer wasn't working, and
> lpq showed it as possibly offline. When I first installed the USB
> printer, I had the exact same problem - until I changed changed the
> hardware config so that the fxp and uhci weren't using the same
> IRQ. That's why I checked for this case.

FWIW, juggling the hardware so that the fxp and uhci controller aren't
on the same IRQ, and the printer works. However, the fxp is now
sharing IRQs with an an aic7890, and the uhci is sharing an irq with a
2940. Strange stuff.

> > > Anyone got a clue as to why the IRQ would change? Is there anything in
> > > FreeBSD that could change it?
> > Has it actually changed?
> I'm still trying to figure that one out. I haven't been able to get a
> config with the fxp and uhci on different IRQs. I've got a doctor's
> appointment, after which I'm going to pull the fxp and see how that
> goes.

And it looks like FreeBSD had nothing to do with it, other than not
working sharing the fxp & uhci controllers.

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