In the last episode (Jan 25), Matthew Jacob said:
> On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Dan Nelson wrote:
> > Make sure you're using NFSv3 mounts (should be the default, but if not,
> > add "nfsv3" to the options column in fstab).  I cross-mount FreeBSD,
> > Tru64, and Solaris boxes via NFS and can access large files on all
> > combinations of client and server.
> Huh. Interesting. The default showed up as a nfsv3 mount:
>  1/25  2:12 mountd/v3: granted to /bob ro=0 uid0=60001
> The solaris mount showed up as:
>  1/25  2:06 mountd/v3: granted to /bob ro=0 uid0=60001
>  1/25  2:06 nfs/tcp accepted,1023
> I'll try an explicit v3 mount/tcp and see if it's better.

I use UDP mounts as it's easier to debug traces.

The next step is to start looking as packet dumps...  When you say that
the FreeBSD clients "stop writing", what error do they get?  Also, what
version of FreeBSD are you using?

        Dan Nelson

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