> > But I won't let it go!  I was hoping to replace  my Solaris box with either
> > FreeBSD or NetBSD as my main home directory server. FreeBSD 4.2 panics part
> > way through the first LADDIS runs I was using to test it with and I can't get
> > NetBSD to start as a LADDIS client (I hadn't got the auth sorted out yet), so
> > I've been trying to scrutinize a lot of things very closely in this area.
> This is an old problem that I think was never addressed.  It has to
> do with the vm system (on i386).  It may be fixed now, so keep playing
> a bit, if not open a problem report and someone ought to get to it.

Yah, I was gonna do that once -current stabilized a bit.

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