Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

} -On [20010127 22:30], Patrick Hartling ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
} >Making a symlink from /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/ seems to
} >have fixed my LyX problems.  I'm guessing and were
} >causing conflicts, especially with the recent changes to libc, but I'm no
} >expert.  Whatever the case, I can get back to work on my thesis now.  :)
} Have you tried recompiling LyX with the new libc?

I did try that initially, but the problems persisted until I made the
symlink and relinked the executable.

} That should normally clear any problems.
} I suspect from what you said above, that when you do ldd `which lyx` it
} will report lyx being linked against, but for some reason is
} trying to use the higher version libc.

ldd was telling me that it had both and which seemed
very bad to me.  When I recomipled LyX to see if that would fix things,
I noticed that ld was giving a warning about and
potentially conflicting.  It hadn't ever been a problem before, but it
doesn't seem like the safest arrangment.  With the symlink in place, ldd
reports that only is being used, and everything seems to be


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