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} On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 01:28:03PM -0600, Patrick Hartling wrote:
} > ldd was telling me that it had both and which seemed
} > very bad to me.  When I recomipled LyX to see if that would fix things,
} > I noticed that ld was giving a warning about and
} > potentially conflicting.  It hadn't ever been a problem before, but it
} > doesn't seem like the safest arrangment.  With the symlink in place, ldd
} > reports that only is being used, and everything seems to be
} > okay.
} Something that LyX is linking to is depending on libc v3.  You should
} rebuild all of the dependencies, and then rebuild LyX.

Yes, I think it's the xforms library which is distributed only in binary
form.  All of the ports I build myself are linking to (they
were built before the version number was bumped) or to  The
xforms website doesn't seem to have anything built for newer versions
of FreeBSD.  I just have to be patient while the LyX developers work on
moving away from xforms to Motif or GTK+ or anything better.


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