Replying to myself. Seeing no answers I decided to work a little on adding
the NEWCARD support to an(4) and I'm now sending this using it :-)
It works ok, but card reinsertions cause at least this notebook to panic.

I've submitted a PR with the appropriate patches. It's online at:

Now I'm on to that ich (i810 and 440MX) AC97 audio driver :-)



On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 02:57:51AM +0000, Jose Gabriel J Marcelino wrote:
> Hi,
> - The main problem however is that now the OLDCARD kernel crashes after
>   I remove my Cisco 340 (Aironet) PC Card from the only PC card slot present. 
> I can give more detailed information on that if someone wants it, but I guess 
> the later has to do with the NEWCARD changes. 

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