In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jose Gabriel J Marcelino writes:
: db> trace
: pccard_scan_cis(c1082680,c0167e0c,c9f43e88,0,0) at pccard_scan_cis+0x120
: pccard_read_cis(c1091a00) at pccard_read_cis+0xa9
: pccard_attach_card(c1082680) at pccard_attach_card+0xc5
: pccbb_insert(c1091c00,c9f43fa8,c1091c00,c9f43f94,c01b659d) at pccbb_insert+0x9e
: pccbb_event_thread(c1091c00,c9f43fa8) at pcbb_event_thread+0x37
: fork_exit(c0287278,c1091c00,c9f43fa8) at fork_exit+0x2d
: fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8

Ah, this is a different panic than I've seeing on are removal.  Looks
like a resource conflict (likely unrelated to the resources not
released, but there is a chance).

The 16-bit support is still somewhat fragile in -current...


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