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> From: "Kenneth D. Merry" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 17:00:41 -0700
> > I think we already have the most important functionality from the od(4)
> > driver in the da and cd drivers.  If there are any features that are
> > in the od(4) driver that should be in the da(4) or cd(4) drivers, but
> > aren't, please speak up.
> Though I have not tried `da' lately, if you don't insert a medium in
> the drive at the time of CAM rescan bus, `da' tries to get the
> geometry by XPT_CALC_GEOMETRY then panics with divided by zero in most
> SCSI drivers. With `od' it says just the medium is 0MB and does not
> cause panic. Probably `od' knows the medium is not in the drive
> (watching UNIT READY or something?).  

Sounds very much like a bug which should be fixed than worked around.
Especialy when even the workaround doesn't run!

I was running a HP mo which claimed to be an optical drive.
It did run very fine under every condition.
Now the drive is configured to inquiry as direct access because I
used it on a solaris box for some days.
Now all my removeable drives claim all to be direct access.

I asume your drive firmware doesn't send a propper 'NOT READY'.
But that shouldn't panic the system.

> Is it safe to change the size (geometry) of media with `da', eg. at
> first no medium (0MB), then 128MB, 230MB, 640MB (sector size is
> 2048bytes) and so on ? 

Can you provide us with the exact message and a stack trace from the
And don't forget the exact drive inquiry string and version.

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