On 06-Feb-01 Jim Bloom wrote:
> Here are the registers (subject to typing errors):
> cs    0xc2fb0008
> ds     0xa000010
> es          0x10
> fs          0x18
> ss          0x10
> eax         0x12
> ecx         0x20
> edx   0xc00b8f00
> ebx          0x2
> esp   0xc2fbee1c
> ebp   0xc2fbee28
> esi        0x100
> edi   0xc0290990  __set_sysctl_set_sym_sysctl__kern_fscale+0x4
> eip   0xc0266fcc  Debugger+44
> efl         0x56
> Jim Bloom

Erm, this doesn't look good:

        movl    $GPROC0_SEL*8, %esi             /* GSEL(entry, SEL_KPL) */
        ltr     %si

#define GPROC0_SEL      4       /* Task state process slot zero and up */

Thus, %esi should be 32 == 0x20, not 0x100. :(  I have no clue why that is
screwed up, unless something is overwriting your code segment.  Can you panic
it and do an x/i of sw1b+0x72?  It should look something like this:

 121:   be 20 00 00 00          mov    $0x20,%esi
 126:   0f 00 de                ltr    %si

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