On 06-Feb-01 Jim Bloom wrote:
> Which kernel do you want me to try this with?  I have tried two
> different kernels with two different errors.  (Both have been sent at
> different times in the past couple days.)  The registers listed here
> from the second kernel (with WITNESS, INVARIANTS, INVARIANT_SUPPORT,
> MUTEX_DEBUG).  As such the addresses disagree (sw1b has 8 more bytes for
> invariants), but the text segment was correct.

You'll have to turn off WITNESS to get it to die in cpu_switch(), but you'll
want to leave the others on for now.

> Without debug, I get the trap 9.  With debug, I get a trap 12
> immediately followed by a panic with mutex shced lock recursion.
> I rebuilt the kernel with out the debugging and check the state of
> things.  The code is correct and the esi register had the expected
> value.

Hmmmmmmmm.  Ok, try with debugging minus WITNESS (and you don't want
MUTEX_DEBUG, that slows things down a _lot_).  Then see if %esi is
still 0x100 instead of 0x20.  If so, then check the instructions to make sure
they aren't hosed.

> P.S.  I am hitting the same problem Robert Watson mentioned.  I don't
> have room for three kernels on the machine.

Yes. :(  The default / size for -current is not very good, as development boxes
need more room on / than production boxes.


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