On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 11:02:32AM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:


> ARGH.  The trap code is breaking this.


> Just comment out that enable_intr() and please try again.  This should give you
> a stack trace where the actual bug is.  Thanks.

Done. And the winner is... (see attachment, did not repeat the kernel
config since it has not changed)
Crist J. Clark                           [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Copyright (c) 1992-2001 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
        The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #3: Tue Feb  6 13:59:53 PST 2001
    [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/export/current/src/sys/BUBBLES
Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
CPU: Pentium/P54C (132.96-MHz 586-class CPU)
  Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0x52b  Stepping = 11
real memory  = 33554432 (32768K bytes)
avail memory = 30015488 (29312K bytes)
Preloaded elf kernel "kernel.BUBBLES" at 0xc02c5000.
Intel Pentium detected, installing workaround for F00F bug
apm0: <APM BIOS> on motherboard
apm0: found APM BIOS v1.1, connected at v1.1
npx0: <math processor> on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface
pcib0: <Host to PCI bridge> at pcibus 0 on motherboard
pci0: <PCI bus> on pcib0
isab0: <PCI-ISA bridge> at device 7.0 on pci0
isa0: <ISA bus> on isab0
pci0: <display, VGA> at 8.0 (no driver attached)
ep0: <3Com 3C509-TP EtherLink III> at port 0x300-0x30f irq 10 on isa0
ep0: Ethernet address 00:20:af:17:a3:e9
ata0 at port 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 irq 14 on isa0
fdc0: <NEC 72065B or clone> at port 0x3f0-0x3f5,0x3f7 irq 6 drq 2 on isa0
fdc0: FIFO enabled, 8 bytes threshold
fd0: <1440-KB 3.5" drive> on fdc0 drive 0
ppc0: <Parallel port> at port 0x3bc-0x3c3 irq 7 on isa0
ppc0: Generic chipset (NIBBLE-only) in COMPATIBLE mode
plip0: <PLIP network interface> on ppbus0
lpt0: <Printer> on ppbus0
lpt0: Interrupt-driven port
ppi0: <Parallel I/O> on ppbus0
ppc1: cannot reserve I/O port range
sio0 at port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on isa0
sio0: type 16550A, console
sio1 at port 0x2f8-0x2ff irq 3 on isa0
sio1: type 16550A
sio2 at port 0x3e8-0x3ef irq 5 on isa0
sio2: type 16550A
unknown: <PNP0700> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0400> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0501> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0501> can't assign resources
unknown: <PNP0680> can't assign resources
IP packet filtering initialized, divert enabled, rule-based forwarding disabled, 
default to deny, logging limited to 1000 packets/entry by default
ad0: 1222MB <QUANTUM FIREBALL1280A> [2484/16/63] at ata0-master BIOSPIO
acd0: CDROM <CD-532E-A> at ata0-slave using BIOSPIO
Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a
kernel trap 9 with interrupts disabled
panic: blockable mtx_enter() of Giant when not legal @ 
Stopped at      Debugger+0x44:  pushl   %ebx
db> trace
Debugger(c0215a83) at Debugger+0x44
panic(c0214bc0,c022fc74,c0230820,28d,c02782e0) at panic+0x70
witness_enter(c02782e0,0,c0230820,28d,0) at witness_enter+0x1d9
_mtx_enter(c02782e0,0,c0230820,28d,c02781a0) at _mtx_enter+0x106
trap(18,10,10,c3612a60,20) at trap+0x583
calltrap() at calltrap+0x5
--- trap 0x9, eip = 0xc01fc642, esp = 0xc3a29f50, ebp = 0xc3a29f64 ---
sw1b(4000) at sw1b+0x81
ithd_loop(0,c3a29fa8) at ithd_loop+0x10d
fork_exit(c0200d94,0,c3a29fa8) at fork_exit+0x2d
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8

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