> > Sort of killing a mosquito with a missile ;-)
> > 
> > Seriously, I will try your patch to confirm it works, then I'll go back
> > to a regular -current kernel and live without ejecting the card...
> Keep your kernel.old around.  Trust me, the new kernel won't be very usable.
> :)

Better yet, I always keep a /boot/kernel.safe/ for those times when I compile
a lot of different kernels so that I don't have to remember to save a working
one ;-)

Seriously, that's ok, I only want to check if I get the same panic. And give
feedback of course.

> > In case I was not clear: at the moment pccard and cardbus devices can't
> > share IRQ line with any kind of other devices. The best explanation of
> > this mentioned only pccard and said it was handled as ISA so you coulnd't
> > share, but in theory it was possible to handle pccard in a different way.
> > And cardbus shouldn't be a problem at all I think.
> cardbus already shares.  pccard under NEWCARD shares as well.  My work is at a
> lower-level than that though, that is in the pccard/cardbus specific code.

cardbus gives me some problem I didn't investigate yes in details, but pccard -
I tried but got nowhere. Both drivers probe and attach (ep0 on pccard, csa on
motherboard), so I have pcic-pci0 and sound card sharing IRQ 11, ep0 on IRQ 3.
But if I try playing anything I get no IRQ from the sound card...

Ok I will leave this for the future... ;-)


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