On Wed, Feb 07, 2001 at 02:20:43PM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
> On 07-Feb-01 Andrea Campi wrote:
> > Running a kernel I got with this:
> > 
> >> 
> >> cvs co -D"2001-01-30" src/sys
> >> 
> > 
> > /ithread.c/1.10/Mon Dec  4 21:15:14 2000//D2001.
> > 
> > I get:
> > 
> > panic: malloc(M_WAITOK) in interrupt context
> > Debugger("panic")
> > Stopped at      Debugger+0x45:  pushl   %ebx
> > db> trace
> > Debugger(c02119a3) at Debugger+0x45
> > panic(....)
> > malloc(48,c0238100,0,c65feb80,0) at malloc+0x2a
> > exit1(c65feb80,0,0,c6623f78,c01fc852) at exit1+0x1b1
> > kthread_suspend(0,c0279a40,0,c022d1ec,a2) at kthread_suspend
> > ithd_loop(0,c6623fa8) at ithd_loop+0x56
> > fork_exit(c01fc7fc,0,c6623fa8) at fork_exit+0x8
> > fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
> > db> witness_list
> >         "Giant" (0xc0279a40) locked at ../../i386/isa/ithread.c:162
> Erm, ithd_loop() doesn't call kthread_suspend().  *sigh*.  Something
> else is rather messed up here I'm afraid.

So I thought... also, kthread_suspend() doesn't call exit1(), does it?

No matter what, ithd_loop() calls kthread_exit() which calls exit1()
which happily MALLOC's with M_WAITOK...
Something is messed up, indeed, but it seems to be a case of WISIWYG instead
of what I mean... ;-)

Also, I think this issue has been there longer but it might have been masked
by me not having INVARIANTS defined at times (am I correct to read the code as
not panicing #ifndef INVARIANTS?). So I am going back before this revision:

revision 1.78
date: 2001/01/21 19:25:07;  author: jake;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -2
Make intr_nesting_level per-process, rather than per-cpu.  Setup
interrupt threads to run with it always >= 1, so that malloc can
detect M_WAITOK from "interrupt" context.  This is also necessary
in order to context switch from sched_ithd() directly.

Re: the strace db trace above, is it possible that it might be because I have:

CFLAGS          ?= -O -pipe -mcpu=i686 -march=i686
COPTFLAGS       ?= -O -pipe -mcpu=i686 -march=i686

in make.conf? I put these after somebody mentioned using it here...


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