> : And, it's not working for me, i.e. my pccard using cardbus is working on irq
> : 11, my csa audio card is probed and configured on irq 11, but audio playback
> : is not.
> Audio and current is also dicy.

Well, the same happened under -stable. I think this will be my last IBM laptop,
I don't like the way IRQs are wired, and it also looks like ACPI is tricky.

> : just wait. On a separate note, I am thinking about adapting rc.pccard to
> : carbus, or writing a new rc.cardbus; is anybody working on this?
> /sbin/devd :-)

Pointers to this? Does it run dhclient like rc.pccard does?

Although one of the nicest things about cardbus is that, having the card in at
boot, it probed and configured much earlier during the boot process, making it
possible to ifconfig it normally.

> : Going back to the original thread, removing my card under cardbus simply
> : hangs my laptop. I have no idea how to debug this.
> Neither do I. I make guesses until it is working.

Ok ;-) Sounds fun :-P

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