On  9 Feb, Bruce Evans wrote:

> Pagefaults occur in copyin() (called from addupc_task() which is called
> from ast()) while sched_lock is held.  This is not good.  Incrementing
> the profiling counters is supposed to be pushed to ordinary process
> context so that things like copyin() can work (they have to be able
> to fault in pages, so they have to be able to sleep...), so using
> sched_lock to lock things here is wrong.

Are we talking about /sys/kern/kern_clock.c: statclock()? I'm not
familiar with the kernel and that's the only place I find something
related to profiling if I grep for "profil" and look at the results. If
yes, what is to to?

>> If I run it withhin X11, the machine deadlocks hard (no response from
>> the numlock led on the keyboard), withhin a virtual console I get a lot
>> of "kernel trap ..." and the program runs fine.
> It's surprising that it doesn't always deadlock.

First I thought I have a hardware problem, I was able to profile the
program 4-5 times withhin X11 at a day before. Without changing anything
except the options to the program I wasn't able to profile it later.


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