Can an  -iname  option be provided. Then the FreeBSD find would be
more like GNU find, and lines like this could be written:

find /msdos-disk -iname "*txt" | xargs -n 1 ls -l

I am doubtful that the -regexp needs to be inferior to the the
-egrep option. What software would break: it was said that there is
no regexp?. There are opinions around saying that egrep is better
than grep.

What is the -E option: perhaps this?:   -eregex

Suppose it is case sensitive. Then it could be
  -eiregex  or  -ieregex  or  -eregexi

I hope for no regex if there is no '-iname' feature. [It would be
nice if the advanced regexes settled onto the Perl regex, e.g.
perhaps throughout all utilities. -pregex ]

At 21-02-01 14:12 +0900 Wednesday, Akinori MUSHA wrote:
 >At Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:35:09 +0900,
 >Daniel C. Sobral wrote:
 >> I'm not familiar with find sources, but it seems to me you execute
 >> regcomp() for each file name to be compared? If so... change that! :-)
 >> Regcomp() does expensive setup so that regexec() can be run
 >> inexpensively many times over.
 >Indeed.  I'll do it soon, thanks.
 >> You forgot -E (use extended regexp syntax), and the example you show
 >> above is extended regexp syntax, not basic regexp syntax.

What about improving 'ls' too?: can there be an option so that it
refuses to list any information about directories (useful in the
above example). Also, is there any plan to stop the wastage of
space in the central columns of "ls"'s output, where it lists
uninteresting information. Maybe a '-p' option, like GNU 'ls'

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