I am noticing a severe slowdown on my -CURRENT system. It actually started
after Feb [3-5] changes in intrupt handling, but I didn't really notice
until I run a make world (which I delayed doing because of, well you guess,
the libc breakage). When I say severe I mean make buildworld takes x3 longer.

Am I alone in this, or is it well known (even though I didn't see it discussed,
but I might have overlooked)? Could it be related instead to all the lock
reversal messages I've been getting ever since?

I know it's an interrupt issue because it only happens when I'm exercising my
HD. I guess it's time to put /usr/src and maybe even /usr/obj on an NFS
server, I'm sure it can't be slower... *grin*

<anti-flame mode>
I'm not complaining, I'm offering to debug!
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