On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 10:20:46PM +0000, Pierre Y. Dampure wrote:
> Andrea Campi wrote:
> > I am noticing a severe slowdown on my -CURRENT system. It actually started
> > after Feb [3-5] changes in intrupt handling, but I didn't really notice
> > until I run a make world (which I delayed doing because of, well you guess,
> > the libc breakage). When I say severe I mean make buildworld takes x3 longer.
> Hmmm. Buit world yesterday evening on a 733 VAIO, UDMA ATA drive, took around
> 1h15mn, which is fairly much what I would expect... U using SCSI?

Nope, UDMA33 (IBM-DARA-20600 on IBM Thinkpad).

Question: you built a world yesterday, but what world did you have BEFORE? I
mean, what matters is the kernel/world which was running while you were
compiling, was that recent (< 15 days old)? Are you seeing any lock reversal

Thanks anyway, bye,

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