On 01-Mar-01 Doug Barton wrote:
>       I was unable to test the ppp bits, but I've every reason to believe that
> this will work. Comments and suggestions are welcome. The goal is to turn
> on the appropriate harvesters for ethernet, and/or ppp/slip/tun based on
> the presence of a configured device of that nature. So, the ethernet bits
> check to see if there is an ethernet card configured, and turns on that
> harvester if so. The same should be true for the ppp harvester, based on
> the suggestions I received for detecting whether a tun device is or will be
> in use.

Erm, it doesn't hurt to turn the sysctl on if no device is present, so why not
just turn it on w/o bothering to check?  If there's no ether device then having
the sysctl on or off doesn't change anything except that if one plugs in an
ether device later or kldloads a driver later entropy won't be collected, where
as if you just turn the sysctl on if network entropy is enabled regardless of
what devices are configured it will all just work and DTRT.


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