On Thu 2001-03-01 (15:57), Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
> >     Appropriate rc.conf(5) entries will be coming in a seperate commit. I am
> >working on a general cleanup/update of that file, but I plan to wait till
> >the reality in rc.conf is closer to what we want it to be.
> This is only tangentially related but while you're talking about a
> cleanup of the rc.conf(5) file, did anyone ever work up a patchset for
> the NetBSD rc system that was discussed several months ago?

I have a bastardisation on my laptop at home; if I can find the time
over the weekend, I'll see about getting it off there[1] and sending it
to -hackers.

[1] It has no network card anymore, and a dodgy floppy drive.  Joy.

Neil Blakey-Milner

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