I commented out all of the Entropy stuff at the front of rc and I was able to
finish booting again. I'll do another buildworld/installworld and
buildkernel/installkernel to see whether the problem re-appears. I'll leave
the 'set -x' in my rc when I retest.

I noticed the (re)appearance of a line which had caused problems in the past
(the 'ps' generation foo). I'd really appreciate if the following would occur:

1. The entropy stuff gets it's own rc file. There's a lot of it.
2. You make it an option we can turn off sourcing it from rc.

Also- we should really consider whether or not the breakage that has happened
three or four times now is telling us something. This attempt to reseed
entropy seems to be riskier than not having the entropy reseeded at all!  :-)

If this entropy stuff is all that important, maybe we should consider having
this done entirely within the kernel as part of the config state tree (and not
as a kmod or an option) so that a simple non-blocking sysctl early in RC can
get you what you want. That is, by the time you call /sbin/init, you have
gathered enough entropy. Or if you cannot do so (which I would imagine could
actually be a true statement as all I/O results are *generally* pretty
predictable until you turn on networking), can you do it *after* the system is
almost all the way up?

I guess I'm saying I don't want to have to get hung up like this any
more. Please.


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