On 09-Mar-01 Matthew Jacob wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Mark Murray wrote:
>> > I changed nothing from whatever the default is. It seems like a bit of
>> > POLA to
>> > freeze now. 
>> > 
>> > But I'll check this - if I can get that machine up again :-)...
>> OK - if this is the entropy driver, then typing about 2 lines of shit
>> will unlock it.
> Neither ^T or typing does anything. I'll have to do some surgery from another
> boot disk to find out what's what. Uk.

Erm, just so you know.  The 4100 here at WC doesn't even make it past the SCSI
probe due to interrupt issues.  If it's running really up to date current,
try changing sys/alpha/include/mutex.h to define mtx_intr_enable() to nothing,
which will hackishly run ithreads with a raised IPL and might solve the problem
if its an interrupt storm you are seeing.


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