During the past week, I've been tracking -STABLE (daily) & -CURRENT (about
2 days out of 3) on a new laptop.  (More stuff about that in the recent
-mobile archives, for folks who might have an interest.)

Although I realize that there are significant differences between the
FreeBSD mfs vs. the Sun tmpfs, using an mfs-based, swap-backed /tmp has
generally been working well for me over the last 3 years of using FreeBSD.
(I tend to be generous with swap diskspace allocations, which helps.)

And on this laptop, I have 3 different bootable "root" (& associated /usr)
partitions, so I can run -CURRENT, as well as run either of a couple of
-STABLEs.  But since I'm running no more than one at a time, it made sense
to me to have the swap space be common to all three environments, and to
make /tmp be swap-backed.

In -STABLE, I merely stuffed an appropriate entry in /etc/fstab, and It
Just Worked.  However, based on the example in the mdconfig man page on
-CURRENT, I get the impression that the process is a little more

Accordingly, I created the following shell script to accomplish a
similar objective, based upon the above-mentioned example in the
mdconfig man page.  At present, I have it sitting in
/usr/local/etc/rc.d, which isn't ideal, but I wanted to find out if
anyone had better approaches for doing this, suggestions for
improvement, or arguments that what I'm trying to do is misguided and
shouldn't be done:


size=512M       # Plugged directly in to the mdconfig command,
                # so use an expression that's compatible with that.

case "$1" in
        # Taken from the mdconfig man page, then lightly hacked:
        #     To create and mount a 128MByte swap backed filesystem on /tmp:
        if [ -x /sbin/mdconfig ]; then
                /sbin/mdconfig -a -t swap -s $size -u 10 && \
                /sbin/disklabel -r -w md10 auto && \
                /sbin/newfs /dev/md10c && \
                /sbin/tunefs -n enable /dev/md10c && \
                /sbin/mount /dev/md10c /tmp && \
                /bin/chmod 1777 /tmp && \
                exit 0
        dev=`/sbin/mount | /usr/bin/awk '/ \/tmp / {print $1}'` || exit 1
        /sbin/umount /tmp && [ -c $dev ] && /sbin/mdconfig -d -u $dev
        exit 0
        echo "Usage: `basename $0` {start|stop}" >&2

exit 2

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