:I was cvsupping the GNATS database (the *entire* GNATS database, that
:is - I didn't already have a copy) when I got this panic:

    How old a kernel are you running?

    Kirk and I have been attempting to locate the filesystem bitmap
    corruption for months.  We've fixed a number of bugs but have yet
    to find a smoking gun.  It is possible that it *has* been fixed but
    people's filesystems still contain some corruption from previous

    The corruption appears to be related to heavy directory activity
    and may or may not be related to softupdates.  We just can't tell.
    We can't reproduce it.  We thought we had found someone who could
    reproduce the problem at will but it turned out to be his RAID
    controller screwing up (where even newfs followed by an fsck would
    generate errors).  Yahoo's test machines still occassionally show
    the problem, but so far it's too infrequent to get a good handle on.

    fsck all of your filesystems from single-user to remove the possibility
    of 'old' corruption (as in 'fsck', not 'fsck -p').


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