:       Hi guys,
:       ok, sources cvsupped yesterday afternoon, just before my ffs_alloc.c
:       commit [which I did, obviously, add myself locally].
:       Box had been running for a while when all of a sudden it got into a
:       panic:
:       vm_page_alloc: free/cache page 0xc0776fa4 was dirty
:       a trace in ddb shows:
:       allocbuf()
:       getblk()
:       ffs_balloc()
:       ffs_write()
:       vn_rdwr()
:       elf_coredump()
:       coredump()

    This particular panic will have a delayed effect, so the trace probably
    isn't the problem.  Something occured some period of time prior that
    caused a (probably cache) page to be marked dirty.  Then later when
    vm_page_alloc() tries to reuse the page it notices that it's dirty when
    it shouldn't be.

    I have not seen this panic literaly for years - there was a bug in 
    John Dyson's original code that could cause it but it was fixed a very
    long time ago.  So I'm guessing that the panic is a side effect of a
    newly introduced bug somewhere in current.  Possibly a race of some sort
    with the mutex/threading/interrupt code, but I don't know.


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