On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

> I'm using cvsup.de.FreeBSD.org which appears to be a cname
> cvsup.uk.FreeBSD.org.  But it looks like, that for some reason,
> src-secure didn't get added to the cvsupfile (hmm. might be related to
> the fact that cvsupit creates cvsup.intl for that purpose and I forgot
> to add that one to make.conf...). Mea culpa (hope it will work now). 

I've actually heard that from a couple of other people lately -- that
cvsupit still assumes that crypto should not be pulled down, and the
crypto code is now assumed in the default build.  This may just be a
product of the packagized version of cvsupit shipped in the past, but it
might also be the case that cvsupit needs to be updated to take into
account changes in our cvsup policies and source layout.

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