On 19 Mär, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:

> 3.  The routing code was fixed to delete routes which use non-existent
>     interface addresses.  This code will wipe such a route.

> 5.  This affects not only ppp(8).  Add default route that points to the
>     LAN; change the IP address on interface; observe that the default
>     route has gone away.  The reason is that if we don't do this, we
>     may end up using the old (now non-existing) local IP address.

A little bit more on my problems with the defaultroute and sppp after
the recent changes:
 - I didn't use ppp(8), I use isdnd(8)
 - my default dial-on-demand interface is isp1
 - my rc.conf contains: defaultrouter="-interface isp1"
 - the interface is down (ifconfig isp1 down) by default and gets turned up
   (ifconfig isp1 up) at a login (which didn't triggers a dial out)
 - if I put the interface down the first time after a login I have to
   readd the defaultroute (only once, after additional "ifconfig
   down/up" I didn't have to readd the defaultroute, it stays)


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