:> On Mar 30, Falco Krepel wrote:
:> > I have implemented good ideas from Mike Smith in my
:> > rc.diskless{1,2} files and make some other changes:
:>         Hi,
:>         I don't have access to hardware to test diskless but have a
:> few suggestions from looking at proposal.
:>         BOOTP probably isn't how most people are going to do it,
:> instead they will be using PXE, perhaps we should retire the reference
:> to BOOTP in the following.
:Yes. I also using PXE for diskless operation.

    BOOTP is not mutually exclusive to PXE.  PXE is just a way to
    load the kernel up.  Once the kernel is running, it uses
    BOOTP to get its NFS mounts, swap, etc...


    P.S. To anyone who wants to cleanup the rc.diskless files,
    please be my guest!  I wrote them originally and they worked
    'ok', but then some people mangled them and ever since they
    haven't worked right.  I don't have time to clean them up
    myself.  They could use a complete rewriting, IMHO.


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