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}I've found that one can reduce a lot of common file duplication by
}reversing that logic, going after "default" first, then
}"network-specific", finally followed by "host-specific" files:
}  if [ -d /conf/default/etc/ ]; then
}          cp -Rp /conf/default/etc/* /conf/etc
}  fi
}  if [ -d /conf/${bootp_ipbca} ] ; then
}          cp -Rp /conf/${bootp_ipbca}/etc/* /conf/etc
}  fi
}  if [ -d /conf/${bootp_ipa} ] ; then
}          cp -Rp /conf/${bootp_ipa}/etc/* /conf/etc
}  fi

i like it!, since that's almost what i did here, but this morning couldn't
remember why :-)

as to using local disks, all our 'diskless' actualy have disk, im still
in the design stage, since some of the have other os installed,
some want to use the disk as scratch, some may need big swap ...


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