It is my great pleasure to announce the availability of just released
Groff 1.17.  Please refer to the src/contrib/groff/NEWS for details on
what's new in this release.

This release includes the complete re-implementation of the BSD mdoc(7)
macro package, earlier referred to as -mdocNG.  The new mdoc(7) manpage
completely documents the package, thus replacing mdoc.samples(7).  For
now, mdoc.samples(7) is installed as MLINK to mdoc(7), but I will likely
replace it with a short manpage referring to the mdoc(7).  For a complete
set of new features, please refer to the new mdoc(7).  Note that this
manpage could only be displayed with the new groff tools and new -mdoc

FreeBSD-specific -mdoc configuration file is called mdoc.local.  This
version also provides a simple way to localize -mdoc.  For now, only
KOI8-R support is implemented.  See gnu/usr.bin/groff/tmac/koi8-r for

Below is the brief info on -mdoc from the NEWS file:

: o The mdoc package has been completely rewritten, using the full power of
:   GNU troff to remove limitations of Unix troff (which is no longer
:   supported).  Most important changes are:
:   . No argument limit.
:   . Almost all macros are parsed and callable (if it makes sense).
:   . `.Lb': prints library names
:   . `.Nm <punctuation>' now works as expected; `.Nm "" <punctuation>' has
:     been withdrawn.
:   . Updated `.St' command
:   . `.Fx': prints FreeBSD
:   . `.Ox': prints OpenBSD
:   . `.Bsx': prints BSD/OS
:   . `.Brq', `.Bro', `.Brc': brace enclosure macros
:   . `.Bd -centered': center lines
:   . `.Bl -xwidth <string>': interpret <string> and use the resulting width
:   . support for double-sided printing (-rD1 command line switch)
:   . support for 11pt and 12pt document sizes (-rS11, -rS12 command line
:     switches)
:   `groff_mdoc.man' replaces `groff_mdoc.samples.man'; it now completely
:   documents the mdoc package.
:   Great care has been taken to assure backwards compatibility.  If you
:   encounter any abnormal results, please report them to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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