On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 09:36:55 -0400, Robert Watson wrote:

> This is great news -- especially the argument limit removal :-).


If for nothing else, Ruslan's work will be much appreciated for the fact
that we no longer have to jump through .Xo / .Xc hoops to get around the
old argument limits.

> all these commits over the last half a year look like they were a
> serious time investment, and are much appreciated.

As someone who cut his teeth on the crusty old mdoc that we had before,
I resonate muchly with this sentiment.  Even more exciting than what
Ruslan has done to sort out the bugbears of the past, however, is the
broadening of the horizons he has made feasible for the future.

Ruslan, you da man!  I'm pretty sure Mike Pritchard would agree that
you're the new Mr mdoc. :-)


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