> Garance A Drosihn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Or maybe something to indicate where the list of arguments
> > should go in a command.  Hrm.  Let's say '-Y replstr' or
> > '-y[replstr]' (no blank after -y).  If no [replstr] is
> > given on -y, it defaults to the two characters '[]'.
> > Then one might do:
> >        cat big_file_list | xargs -y cp [] target_directory
> This is a great idea!  I'm willing to implement it if nobody else
> wants to.

If you add this (which I think is a good idea), please make it option 
free with {} as the default arglist and -i to override that string in 
line with sysv's xargs:

  find something | xargs cp {} target_directory


  find something | xargs -i '[]' cp '[]' target_directory

Although it's possible to break something that uses a literal {} as 
an argument, I think this is better than introducing semantics 
that'll confuse people.

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