On 21-Apr-01 Mike Smith wrote:
>> You need to rebuild fsck and install it and fsck your filesystems.  This is
>> the
>> dirpref changes biting you.  Warner, we probably need an entry in UPDATING
>> for
>> the dirpref changes that warn people to build and install a new fsck before
>> booting a dirpref kernel.
> Er.  This really isn't very good; I can see all sorts of opportunities 
> here for disk migration between -stable and -current systems causing 
> massive headaches.

I agree.

> I assume there's a better fix in the works, so that a "dirpref-touched" 
> disk can be moved back to a pre-dirpref system?

I hope so.  I'm not sure if it is feasible, but it would be nice if the kernel
would do a sanity check on the dirpref values in the superblock and fall back
to defaults if they aren't sane.


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