* Bruce A. Mah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010424 09:04] wrote:
> (Apologies to -doc people who have probably heard this ad nauseum.)
> Over the past few months, I've been working on a project that I've
> taken to calling RELNOTESng, which is the overhaul of RELNOTES.TXT and
> related files that we package along with a FreeBSD distribution.
> I've been soliciting feedback from the other -doc folks, and it's time
> to socialize this out to a wider audience.
> The main problem this is intended to solve is that there's a lot of
> information in many different files, and not all of its is
> consistent.  For example, a list of hardware supported by FreeBSD can
> currently be found in four different places (the alpha and i386
> RELNOTES.TXT files, HARDWARE.TXT, and the Handbook).
> What I've done is to reorganize and reformat all of the *.TXT files.
> The new versions of these files are done in DocBook/SGML, which is the
> markup language used for the Handbook, FAQ, and so on.
> I'd very much like to get comments from people.

Sounds like some excellent work that was long over due.  Go for it. :)

-Alfred Perlstein - [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

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